18th International Snow Sculpting Championships

Team China - First Place

“Hunting in Winter”

People in Northeast China go hunting during the winter season. People no longer hunt for survival, but it is still a tradition for some native people living in the North.

Team Canada, Yukon - Second Place

“Swan Song”


The old Shaman beats his drum and calls forth the swan spirit in a last ditch effort to feed his people. This hunt must go well or all will perish. As he dances the bird spirits form from the smoke of his ceremonial fire. Rising and swirling around him, returning to wisps of smoke disappearing above his head.

Team Germany - Third Place

“Bridge of Tolerance”


Two different people meet in the middle of a bridge, a bridge between different continents and different cultures. They meet with tolerance and respect.

Team Canada, Ontario - Kid's Choice

“Just Spooling Around”


Whenever I bring out that spool of jute rope, those cats just go crazy. It takes no time at all for them to make a mess of that roll. That’s the only toy they need, they will spend half a day… Just Spooling Around.

Team France


The work is formed by different sculpted parts in cubed shapes, but the parts are made of the same material, snow. The parts represent a sample of different styles of sculpture: primitive art, classical art and abstract art. In the end, the parts become one sculpture.

Team Lithuania

“Who will be the Best”


Who is the best? That is always the question in our society. Who is stronger and faster? Two hockey players and a referee are frozen in time, in a moment of intensity. Who will be first? Who will be the best?

Team Colima, Mexico


Bucéfalo is a horse who has a free, indomitable and resistant spirit, just as the snow does with its whiteness, purity and beauty.
Team Mexico city, Mexico

“Faces within the Waves”

As water is the origin of life, we can say that our oceans… move, sing, sometimes dance to the moon, becoming the greatest show you can see. And on this special occasion, the ocean rises to encounter new and old friends.
Team Netherlands

“Calla Lilies”

Everybody knows that the Netherlands are world famous for their bulbs, especially tulips. The Calla Lily (official name Zantdeschia) is also a summer flowering bulb and is grown and exported, mostly as a cut flower, all over the world. Our sculpture of Calla Lilies symbolizes something very tender and sweet coming out of a disordered foundation.
Team Spain

“Inauguration, Tomorrow”

This sculpture is a “visual joke.” It is a sculpture within a sculpture. Father and son can’t contain their curiosity and look under the sheet at a sculpture of a classical monument of a warrior on a horse. The horse is on its hind legs and it is possible to appreciate the shape of the horse and its rider through the folds of the “snow sheet.”

Team USA, Minnesota

“Cold Hands, Warm Heart”

Unlocking the secrets of the human heart is a subtle process. Cold hands, a reserved exterior, or unusual appearance can all disguise a warm heart, just as our sculpture’s cool exterior masks the complexity of its inner heart

Team USA, New York



Is the arctic environment at a “tipping point”? If the ice goes, will polar bears be able to survive? Why does the polar bear appear white when his skin is in fact black?
What caused the Inuit’s reverence for the polar bear? How come the bears know of the fisherman, but he does not sense them?
Team USA, Vermont


One of the joys of winter is seeing the young ones enjoy their first winter outings. Some of them are so bundled up they can barely take a step!
Team USA, Wisconsin

“The Rut”

Every spring the bison begin to enter breeding season. By mid summer “the rut,” as it is called, is at its peak. Bulls have grown more belligerent as the season has progressed. Fierce battles of dominance often take place when one bull refuses to stand down. The victor wins the right to mate while the vanquished must move on often wounded and bloodied.
We were out of town for 2008 & 2009 so I am relying on what I found out on the internet,
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