19th International Snow Sculpting Championships

Team Canada, Yukon - First place

“Family Reunion”

The elders dance and swirl in their button blankets, calling upon their ancestors to come and to impart their wisdom for “the people” of today.

Team China - Second Place

“The March of Spring"

We often remember bits of spring during the winter; the dancing butterflies, the blooming flowers, the singing meadowlarks outside the windows, we write all those beautiful sounds into the rhythm of spring, desperate for spring in the wintertime

Team USA, Wyoming

“Trunks Optional”


A young elephant is contemplating taking a plunge into a pond. He is standing on a diving board that bends down to the water with his weight. A signpost in the water says, “Trunks Optional.” The playfulness of the subject, the textures and balance all combine to make it both challenging and fun.
we were out of town for 2008 & 2009 so I am relying on what I found out on the internet, no information on the following pictures:
Email me if you have more information on these teams or desriptions.
"Blown Away"
Team Bulgaria
Team Loveland
Team Mexico
Team Skagway
Team Switzerland
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