20th International Snow Sculpting Championships

Team Czech Republic

“Save a Place for Our Children”

Man belongs to the Earth, Earth does not belong to man. Save a place for our children.

Team China

“Happy Herdsmen”


People of the Elunke Nationality,one of the Chinese minority living in Northeast China, live on herding and fishing. During late afternoon, people get together for dancing and singing to celebrate every happy day they spend working and living.

Team Canada, Ontario

“Memories from My Youth”


Now that I am a princess, I realize how special my time was, living near Mt Fuji, at the family retreat. Among my favorite memories from my youth, are those of running through the banzai garden and playing under the tiny bridge, in the stoney brook.

Team Canada & United States



Life's Wheel of Time The ancient symbol depicting a serpent eating its tail to form a circle is the "Wheel of Time and LIfe". It represents the cyclical nature of things, eternal return and other things perceived as cycles that begin anew as soon as they end. The winged Demon represents those bad things that we must control to limit damage to the wheel and its cycle.

Team Lithuania - 1st Place
& Kid's Choice

“Milite Est Vita”

The "V" sign symbolizes the fragility and temporary nature of victory. You must reach everything by yourself with hard work and suffering. Milite Est Vita...every day is a fight.

Team Mexico -3rd Place

“The Altar of Quetzalcoatl”


This sculpture represents Quetzalcoatl, god of life and dead in Mexican culture and is the symbol of the Sun in his daily rebirth.

Team Russia


In our work, we try to ask ourselves the question "what is going on in our heads?" We wonder if maybe nothing is real of if just a part of what we are thinking is real. The hand holding the head in this sculpture serves to symbolize that a connection is needed so that we don't become crazy and so that we preserve our connection with love and peace.


did not compete

Team USA, Alaska - People's Choice

“The Last Iceberg”

This sculpture depicts an Aleut hunter in his Baidarka cautiously sharing the iceberg with another hunter, a polar bear, who is interested in he other's catch. On this last iceberg, the last polar bear and an Eskimo play out the last supper.
Team USA, Breckenridge, CO

“String Theory”

"Each of our souls is like the vibrating string of the violin; resonating from the most profound sub-atomic level to the celestial reaches beyond. Music is the portal that allows us to connect our spirit to the sublime, and to grasp our place in it"
Team USA, Idaho

“In Chorus”

The beloved melody of Chorus Frogs rings through the reeds...sounds and sights that are often longed for in winter

Team USA, Loveland, CO

“Winter Blues”

Music is found in the heart of everyone's life. It heightens the senses and excites the soul. In winter that music warms our very core. Enjoy the rhythm of the season.
Team USA, Minnesota

“Leaning Out For Love”

 Love is a balancing act as two lives combine in diverse ways. But nothing is possible without a risky reaching out, represented by our dangling heart. When things work out well, convergence is achieved and balance is restored.
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