21st International Snow Sculpting Championships

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During sculpting week in Breckenridge, our artists do their best work with shovels and snow. To highlight that work, an eco-friendly LED lighting system will illuminate the outdoor sculpture gallery. Throughout the viewing week subtle colors add tothe artistry, creating a dance of light and snow
Team Mexico


1st Place

People's Choice

Artist's Choice

Eagle-Sun; Jaguar-Rain and Snake-Earth are all dual mythologiacal beings in Mexican culture/ United in an Alebrije it has the capacity to give life on earth.

Team Canada/Yukon

“Spirits of the Aurora

2nd Place


Aurora or Northern Lights are believed to be the torches held in the hands of Spirits seeking the souls of those who have just died, to lead them over the abysss terminating the edge of the world. Anarrow pathway leads across it to the land of brightness and plenty, where disease and pain are no more, and where food of all kinds is already in abundance.

To this place none but the dead and the Raven can go. When the Spirits wish to communicate with the people of the Earth, theymake a whistling noise, and the Earth people answer only in a whispering tone. The Eskimo say that they are able to call the Aurora and convers with it. They send messages to the dead through these Spirits.

Team USA/Colorado (Breckenridge)


3rd Place

Kid's Choice


"Sometimes discovery comes from thinking inside the box"

Team Australia

“Lounging with a Cuppa”


This piece represents, in three solid dimensions, the intangible existential exhaustion we all feel as we toil through our daily routines of earning sustenance, commuting long distances and managing our complex relationships. This giant kangaroo, a symbol of vibrant, youthful bouncing, is reduced to flopping lamely into his overstuffed "pouch" tofeel some fleeting sense of security while finding solace in a hot drink. Actually to tell the truth, we made all that up. We just thought a kangaroo ina chair with a cup of tea was pretty funny.

Team Austria

“Save the Sausage”

He never pass up the chance to eat, even if he's up to his neck in it.

Team Canada/Quebec (Quebec City)

“Mere de Nation”

(Mother of a nation)


Our stylized wedding dress pays homage to the adventuresome young brides who crossed the Atlantic to marry the settlers os the Saint Lawrence River valley. Between 1663 and 1673 the king of France, Louis XIV, paid the sea passage of nearly 900 unmarried, poor or parentless young women to New France, known today as Quebec in Eastern Canada.

The principle objective of this imimmigration of young women was that they be made available as healthy wives of childbearing age to farmers and soldiers already established in New France. They would have come to escape their situation in France, or to satisfy their sense of adventure. These brave women became known as "Les filles du Roy" (The KIng's girls).

Team Canada/Quebec(Sainte-Julienne)

“Dance of the Butterflies ”

Expression of love and beauty of nature, two butterflies turn around a bunch of flowers and herbs
Team Germany

“Eternal Bridge”

The journey of mankind - supported by three strong pillars: LOVE, PEACE and TOLERANCE. A bridge is the gatewya to the unknown. It removes obstacles. On the bridge one may approach one-another, but one may also travel together ina common direction, and enormous challenge for us as artists.
We share a common goal.
Y et is uncertain whether we can reach it.
unfortunately was unable to finish      
Team Netherlands

“Letting the Cat Out of the Bag”

"Things appear to be different than they are. What, or who, really comes out? "
Team Sweden & USA

“Perpetual Motion”

Without movement there is no life. Evolution, progress, life itself: all require energy and motion. Our sculpture's boundary represents eternal flow, while the faces represent the pulse of the inner and outer world, as well as the search for new directions.

Team USA/Alaska

“Alaskan Stories”

The stories of Alaska come alive from the pages of the book.
Team USA/Colorado (Loveland)

“Freeze Frame”

 For years we have come to rely on cameras to record our precious moments. We present to you our interactive glimpse at snow sculptures from the perspective of a circa 1900's camera.
Team USA/Vermont


 One child is emerging from the water nearby to another in a game of Marco Polo. The entomology of the game has its roots in the Venetian explorer, but the origin of the game is hard to pinpoint. This excerpt from Marco Polo's diary provides a clue - he writes about crossing an expanse of desert - "When a man is riding by night through this desert and something happens to make him loiter and lose touch with his companions, and afterwards he wants to rejoin them, he then hears spirits talking in such a way that they seem to be his companions. Sometimes they even hale him by name."
Team USA/Wisconsin (Franklin)


 Bust of "Greenman" using elements of the trees (leaves, etc) related to specific species.
Team USA/Wisconsin (Milwaukee)


 "The Gorgon's Head"
Ancient Greek Mythology
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