24th International Snow Sculpting Championships

Our battery ran out of power so we had to scan in the sketches sent in by some of the artists.
Something new has been added!
There are a lot of reasons to visit Breckenridge, awesome skiing, great nightlife, and now an Ice Castle!
With an elevation of over 9600 feet, Breckenridge is the highest of this year’s ice castles. It will very likely be the first to open and the last to close.
The Championships are held in and around the Riverwalk Center, located in the heart of Breckenridge
on South Park Avenue between Washington Street and Adams Avenue.

“Winter Fun”

1st Place - Gold


This sculpture was inspired by the simple pleasures of Winter. Looking at the world of snow outside as a child was adventurous and fun. As children, we enjoyed the snow for hours. From the building of a snowman, to taking a ride down that old sledding hill - it brought smiles to our faces. Oh, the entertainment snow provided and timeless memories we ahve of those moments. Not all is lost. Here in Breckenridge, we keep making those wonderful memories happen with snow every day. Although we are no longer children, we still look outside at the snow with adventure in our minds and know the day is waiting on us to get out there and make fun, new memories.



2nd Place - Silver

Artist's Choice


An Apacheta is a small pile of rocks built along the trail to atone for ones sins or served as trail markers for fugged mountain terrain: however, in response to the question of what is an Apacheta, they are best known in Latin America tobe built by Incas as the climbed the trail up the Andean mountain passes. They picked up a small stone and carried it for a short distance to the summit. They then added the stone to an exising Apacheta located along the trail or left the stone as the beginning of a new Apacheta. Travelers then said a prayer to the gods for luck and protection during their travels and for the elimination of travel fatigue. You can find Apacheta's around the globe in all major mountain areas.





3rd Place - Bronze


The Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plesippus) is one of th earth's most amazing creatures. Their annual late summer/autumn pilgrimage from Southern Canada to Mexico, makes it one of nature's longest voyages. Traveling over vast distances, the Monarch is one of the few insects that is capable of crossing the Atlantic Ocean as well.
The trade mark colors of their wings serva as warning to would be birds looking for a meal. The Monarchs are poisonous to birds and mammals because of the chemical contained in milkweed that the Monarch larvae eat. Milkweed found in various parts of the world (like Great Britain and even Australia) cause them to migrate over vast distances.


“Vestida de Nit-dressed Night”

This project is based on a song called "Vestida de Nit-dressed Night" by Silvia Pérez Cruz. the song is framed in the Catalan called "Havanera." That style of songs came from overseas when the Catalans went to Cuba. This is a style rooted in the Costa Brava, northeast of Catalunya, where many of the sailors came back and imported them.




This sculpture is based on a legend that explains the spots on the moon. In this story, there lives a girl who throws the falling stars an shows light in night time.


"Northern Sun”

This sculpture represents solar phases in northern hemisphere. The sun appears in many ways during the year from almost vanishing to the horizon to shining throughout the summer.
Idea of the sculpture is to play with decorated layers, light and shadows. If possible, sculpture is positioned considering direction of the sun.

“Dark Side of the Moon”

Our sculpture isa humouristic representation of today's society, but is also in homage to Georges Méliés, the famous French film producer. He ws a pioneer of special effects, who during thesilent film era at the dawn of the twentieth century in his movie "trip to the moon" showed a very human moon, with a happy and luminous side but at the same time somehow dark and worrying.

“The Somerset Hunky Punks”

Hunky Punks are stone carvings of grotesques beasts that adorn the magnificent stone church towers of West Somerset, Great Britian. They date from the second half of the Gothic perpendicular period of architecture 1450-1550 CE when they were used to break up the straight lines of this architectual style and of course to ward off evil spirits.
Unique to the ancient county of Somerset the "Hunky Punks" from the old English meaning squatting on ones haunches with short legs and thick bodies, are usually found climbing down the church towers. They were the free expressive work of experienced stone carvers.


"Looking Up”

The sculpture is called Looking Up and represents a small man in a too much big and difficult world (symbolized by the big chair) who is looking up, in the direction of the sky. It's about the idea of hope and the capacity of belief in the future during the period of crisis and the capacity to look over the material problems.

“Once Upon A Time Here Was A Forest...”

 Much of the world's precious ancient forests are disappearing at an unpresedented rate because of human activities. An area of natural forest the size of a soccer field is cut down every two seconds. Scientists predict that the Earth is entering the sixth major extinction event in its history. If forests disappear, inevitably we will follow their path. Shall we let it happen?


Withdrew due to illness

Hope to see you next year!

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 This is from the legend. Wishing well life for the people, heros wipe out the enemy's forces by destroying the three headed monster.

In this sculpture we aimed to show the strive for life.


“Immortal Spirit of Antiquity”

The Olympic Flame, a symbol of the eternal, undying spirit of antiquity, ancient civilizations, and our ancestors.
In ancient times many people would gather around a fire. The fire would warm them, it cooked their food, and it provided them with light and heat. No wonder the ancient Greek God Prometheus stole the fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to the people, thus sacrificing himself.
Traditionally, in ancient times the Olympic flame would be lit at the sporting events occurring in ancient Greece. Presently the flame appears as one of the most recognized symbols of the commencement of the Olympic Games.

“Must Be Using The Wrong Bait”

Our luckless fisherman is trying to figure out why he isn't getting even a nibble, when he starts to blame it on the bait. He doesn't realize that just below the surface is a creature that sees him as the bait!
The design for our sculpture was inspired by a desire to have fun with texture. The details will dazzle; starting with the kelp on the bottom, transitioning to the scales, the surface of the water, and then the wood grain on the boat.


In music, a fugue is a composition in two or more voices, built on a theme that recurs in the course of the composition. Our lives seem to embody compositions much like a fugue - many voices recurring in themes - experience, lessons and triumph - all conducted by our internal conductor - a wide expanse of beauty, form and potential that we are both making and listening to, as we are part of the music ourselves. As artists we transcribe that feeling into sculpture. By using the art of music in sculptural form, we seek to add another level of discourse into the dialogue.
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