26th International Snow Sculpting Championships

2017 schedule
Stomping Week: 1/20/2017 - 1/24/2017
Budweiser International Snow Sculpture Championships: 1/24/2017– 1/28/2017
Snow Sculpture Viewing Week (weather permitting): 1/28/2017– 2/5/2017
The Championships are held in and around the Riverwalk Center,
located in the heart of Breckenridge on South Park Avenue between Washington Street and Adams Avenue. See the snowflakes in the night pictures below and in the "event" spotlights...

“Rhonda and her Recycling Robo-Octopus”

1st Place - Gold

Our sculpture pays homage to American ingenuity and the growing makermovement and maker-spaces. These DIY spaces where people gather to create and learn and problem solve together; the contributions of an increasing amount of tinkerers & inventors dedicated to making the world a better place. It celebrates children, their creativity, and what they can accomplish when given opportunities to flourish. Depicted is 14 year-old Rhonda; a math and science whiz, active member of her local maker-space and a passion for recycling. Rhonda invented her Robo-Octopus to help clean up the ocean floor. She rides inside the control-head, directing its movement, and each of its eight tentacles. The Robo-Octopus includes receptacles for various recyclables, some which fuel her creation. Thanks to her ingenuity and the help of her community at the maker-space, Rhonda’s got a leg up (or eight) in solving problems and moving toward a bright future



2nd Place - Silver

Two elements, in a semantic relationship, making the pair almost identical, yet they are Converse.

This one just made it to judging before some of the delicate elements broke off.


“Bolting From Extinction”

3rd Place - Bronze

There’s a thread of hope in the idea that nature does not know extinction because it only knows transformation.


“People's Choice”

Did you know that it was the discovery of gold in 1859 on the banks of the Blue River in Breckenridge that started our town? That discovery brought many people looking to strike it rich. The pneumatic drill increased production by 10 fold over the old hand method and allowed tunnels to be drilled and blasted at increasing speeds. Unfortunately, the toll it took on the miners health was
horrible. The drill received its name the “Widow Maker” due to the large amount of dust causing silicosis, other lung diseases, and death.


Dia de Muertos

"Artist's Choice"


A Hispanic (Mexican Origin) holiday celebrated throughout the world from October 31—November 2. The holiday focuses on the gathering of families and friends to pray for and remember those who have died and help them in their spiritual journey. Our sculpture represents an altar to remember those who died as well as our own mortality.


“Head-Bashed-In Buffalo Jump”

The buffalo jump on the edge of the Rocky Mountains in Southern Alberta was used for 5,500 years by the indigenous peoples of the plains to kill buffalo by driving them off the 36 ft high cliff. After a successful hunt, the wealth of food allowed the people to enjoy leisure time and pursue artistic and spiritual interests. In Blackfoot, the name for the site is Estipah-skikikini-kots. According to legend, a young Blackfoot wanted to watch the buffalo plunge off the cliff from below, but was buried underneath and found dead under the pile of carcasses with his head smashed in.

"Human Space”

Human Space describes mental and physical space where humans be. In the abstract sphere is empty place for the human. We can observe it on four sides but in one side we see adult human figure and on another side is a child. Human space is always filled with questions; where we are and where we go.



Megabat a.k.a fruit bat a.k.a flying fox. One of the biggest and definitely cutest bat species you’ll ever meet. They live in the rain forests and eat fruits and make cute bat babies. The species is also part of ’Organization for Bat Conservation’ project, which vision is to inspire a peaceful coexistence between bats and humans. I share this vision and passion for weird and cute creatures.


“Oniric Metamorphosis”

The Celtic standing stone open. A fairy creature let out of a mystery. Doe legs, bird wings, fish bust, dragon head. The four elements: earth, air, water and fire are coming out in a fleeting sight.





The design is attributed to the distinct principle of concrete art and geometry. The sculpture plays with statics, size, and center of gravity and the work subject is neither form nor figure. The sculpture shows something without similarities. The art of the sculpture lies in the geometric and graphical creation of order that creates form, surface and volume. It is a balancing act of the structure, which can only exist when its fragile material is in entire equilibrium.

Unfortunately this one didn't make it to judging.



The journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life.

Unfortunately this one didn't make it to judging.

No picture available


“Tale of Two Dragons / Chwedl y Ddwy Ddraig”

The folklore, myths, and legends of the United Kingdom fascinate me, and I was inspired by the idea for the sculpture of ‘The Tale of Two Dragons’ after listening to a folk song by a contemporary welsh folk group Calan. The Celtic king Vortigern attempted to build a castle on a hill in Gwynedd, North Wales. Every night the castle walls were demolished. Vortigern consulted his advisors, who told him to find a boy with no natural father and sacrifice him. Vortigern’s soldiers found the boy, Merlin, who went on to be the wisest wizard to ever live. Merlin told the king of 2 dragons, who had been captured under the mountain. He advised him to free them from their prison. The dragons fought ferociously; the red dragon defeated the white. Merlin told Vortigern that the white dragon symbolized the Saxons and the red dragon symbolized the Welsh. Our sculpture shows the moment the red dragon overcomes the white. They are fighting on top of a castle’s ramparts, a pivotal moment in the story, and of
great historical and cultural significance as the Saxons were unable to subdue the Welsh.



Thousands years ago, Mayan civilization built greatest observatories to follow changes in the sky over time, allowing them to identify dates more conducive to cultivation of the soil. Through marks made on the buildings, they could identify the angles and precise coordinates location of several celestial bodies such as Venus and the different phases of the moon. Team Mexico is intending to build a functional sculpture based on this ancient knowledge. We present the Sundial Observatory Sculpture, having in mind the possibility that attendees have an aesthetic but also an interactive experience. During the day they will be able to notice the difference between solar noon and calendar noonday, the time of sunrise & sunset (solar and calendar), and follow the North Star and go all over the Big Dipper through the Sculpture. Based on statistics from the local geography, the few clouds in the area will allow the viewers to view an abstract/beautiful sculptural object in snow and allow them to interact and identify its predictions.


“The Happiness of Family"

Motherhood is the most invaluable intervention for the personal developments and skills of any animal/person in the world. The sculpture reveals the moment in which a mother teaches her babies how to swim.


“Lion and Butterfly”

Once upon a time, lion, the king of animals, was fully covered with fur. He used to threaten and scare other animals with his power and strength as usual. One sunny day, he comes at the nest of butterflies when a butterfly asked him to do not break their nest. But, the Lion broke the nest and bullied the butterflies. Then the lion had slept on his way to home due to he was tired. The butterflies came at the sleeping lion and ate his whole fur. Finally, they were eating the
fur on his head while the lion waked up as he felt cold and naked. Since the moment, the lion adapts living in tropics.

“Love Wins”

Our sculpture depicts a fist, which is being stopped by an open palm.
The fist symbolizes the brute force, violence and war. On the other hand, the palm is a metaphor of peace and love. We believe in Power of Love, and we suppose that any war and especially current military conflict in Ukraine can be stopped by negotiations and compromises instead of weapons. We hope that peace will come back to Ukraine very soon and love will win.
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