27th Budweiser International Snow Sculpting Championships

2018 Tentative schedule
Block building and Stomping Week: January 16 - 21
Sculpting - 65 hours: January 22 - 26
Snow Sculpture Viewing Week (weather permitting): January 25 -29

The Championships are held in and around the Riverwalk Center,
located in the heart of Breckenridge on South Park Avenue between Washington Street and Adams Avenue. Parking is best if you park in the outlying lots and take the free bus in to town.

All of the buses around Summit County including Keystone, Frisco, Silverthorne, (that's where the Outlets are) Dillon and Copper Mountain

Also see the "burning" sculptures in the evening!


1st Place - Gold

Fairy tales and Science have given different interpretations about mermaid. No matter what the truth is, fantasy about mermaid will continues.

TEAM Sweden

“4 (Ever) Wheels Reflection”

2nd Place - Silver

The sculpture is a reflection of the car as a cultural tool and an extension of our bodies. The car constitutes the duality of freedom and dependency.


“We Are One Family”

3rd Place - Bronze

Artists Choice tie

many kinds of animals live in the world. The coexist with human and nature. Mammals and meat eaters procreate and dedicate all loves for the family.


“Process of Adaptation ”

Emerging from the chalice of life, driven into the intricate unknown, we adapt, we evolve, forever longing for happiness, for contentment.


"Tounelan Joutsen (the swan of Tounela"


The whooper swan is the national bird of Finland. It plays an important role in the Finnish national epic called Kalevala. In Finnish mythology, a swan is considered as a holy bird and the connection between the living world and the kingdom of the dead called Tuonela. I was also believed that if one harmed a swan in any way, then death would face them.


“Ancestry in Ice ”

Ancestry in Ice is and ode ti the Viking ship - perhaps the greatest technical and artistic achievement of its time. An important part of Viking society, it permitted them to explore, raid and trade as far away as North America. Team Iceland hopes that this sculpture conveys the Viking love of fast ships, sea worthy sailing and the prestige of and enduring ship design. Enjoy Viking Warship and the magic of its ancestry.

"Spirtual Beasts of the North Wind”

This is an idea from sculptor Mr. Adrian Powell. Showing his interest and fascination with prehistoric art, which sees form in the natural shapes. It features a hunter witha bow and a sabre tooth tiger. It highlights the effect of the natural elements on our sensory perception, wind and snow, combining on our eyes and ears. It will be rich in texture and stile.


“Square Root”

"One must understand their roots before they can carve out their future"



Our worst enemies are within ourselves: they are our own fears. But even if we can feel small in front of them, with imagination and courage we can win.


"(What's your) Sine Wave”



A sine wave is a repeating pattern measured in wavelengths and amplitude. It is used ti visualize math, physics, engineering and sound. Our Sine Wave represents the visualization of a harmonic tone, a simple but strong graceful note, ringing out, visualized by this shape. As artists it is always a challenge deciding on what energy (be it sound or physics or engineering) we should try to put forth into the universe. Our Sine Wave represents the visualiztion of a harmonic tone - harmony. What's your Sine Wave?



Human beings live in the realm of nature. We are constantly surrounded by it and interact with it. The origami crane represents humankind's attempt to recreate and control the beauty of narure that surrounds us - while the crane represents natures ability to show mankind that the more we try to deconstruct nature the more we lose the life within ourselves.


“Wormholes of Universe”


Wormholes is a hypothetical topological feature that would fundamentally be a shortcut connecting two seperate points in space time. A wormhole may connect extremely long distances such as a billion light years or more, short distances such as a few feet, different universes and different points in time. A wormhole is much like a tunnel with two ends, each at seperate points in space time.

Sorry, this one fell down before we got there...


“Xiuhmolpilli - the Prehistoric Century"

The system if the Mexica cyndridal wheel as used ti interpret an infinite sequence of periods of 52 years. Every 52 years, the solar cycle of 260 days (Tzolkin) is lined with the 365 days (Haab); completing a century of 19,980 days, and when this happened, Mesoamerican cultures celebrated a moment of renewal, organizing the "New fire" ceremony to ensure that the sun came out for another 52 years.


“Before it's too late protect earth from today!"

Artists Choice tie

The lizard on a human palm represents the interwindedness of humans with nature. Humans must hold and support mother nature in order to get back to a more natural state. The responsiblity to take care of the planet is in all our hands.


“The Making”

Civilizations, nations and even individual character go through a process of making. This sculpture depicts such making. The bombura design shows the process where initial hurdles take you down and then you rise up with various supports. Leaving comfort zone for the struggle of making is taking a deep dive and then rise. With the ongoing effortm ibe also makes a path for upcoming generations to rise even more. The mingling pillars are such diverse religious, regional, and cultural identities to support the making of civilizations, removing even a single pillar can imbalance it. Every pillar-like support, big or small, plays a role in making what we the nation, nature, and civilizations are. We need to realize the importance of diversity and preserve it.

“Life Saver ”

A tribute to the National Ski Patrol: was established in 1938 by Roger F. Langley, the president of the National Ski Association. He had been so impressed by the "Super Patrol" created by Charles Minot "Minne" Dole for the National Downhill in Vermont that he asked him to organize a national patrol like the one he used in the downhill. Minnie, not being one to shy away from a challenge, accpeted ant the NSP was born. Today the non profit NSP still adheres to the creed of "Service and Safety" estavblished more than 75 years ago. As the leading authority of on-mountain safety, the NSP is dedicated to serving the public and outdoor recreation industry by providing education and accreditation to emergency care and safety service providers. Here is tot he over 28,000 members serving over 850 patrols. We thank you for your service.
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