28th Budweiser International Snow Sculpting Championships

2019 Tentative schedule
Block building and Stomping Week: January 16 - 21
Sculpting - 65 hours: January 22 - 26
Snow Sculpture Viewing Week (weather permitting): January 25 -29


The Championships are held in and around the Riverwalk Center, located in the heart of Breckenridge on South Park Avenue between Washington Street and Adams Avenue.

Parking is best if you park in the outlying lots and take the free bus in to town. parking in town is now pay, you can put the app on your phone at the booths near each parking area - it is inexpensive!

Traffic is very congested in town and parking places are not often given up during this event...save yourself time and headache by parking in the event parking at the north end of town as you come into Breckenridge!

All of the buses around Summit County including Keystone, Frisco, Silverthorne, (that's where the Outlets are) Dillon and Copper Mountain ARE FREE



1st Place - Gold
People's choice

Women talk about a lot of things. But they sometimes save their secrets. They save their secrets and mystery in their minds. It's like a locked chest.



2nd Place - Silver
Kid's choice

Apple represents wisdom in the bible, and it represents gravity in Newton's law. In modern times it represents technology. The orangutans represent humans. This design means thinking is a necessary part of human evolution.


“A Dance Devine”

3rd Place - Bronze

Three leaf like figures dancing within a vine-structure.


“Cultura de la Aguada”

Of all the species of Latin America animals in danger of extinction, the yaguarete is one of the most emblemtic due to its enormous weight in the popular and religious culture of the so-called indigenous peoples, who from generation to generation transmitted their apparently invisible traditional value.

Extinguishing the yaguarete will impact the enviroment and kill a piece of our culture and our ancestral memory. We did not allow it.




Egosaur is a apocalyptical creature laying eggs of hope for the better future!



This anthropomorphic representation of human and animal form expresses the iconologist elements both from historical context and to relate it in present period. The sculpture is a reflection of Hindu religious god Ganesha.


"In search of ourselves...or our better half”

The human being lives in search of the other part of himself or of his better half. This "half" might be far away or very close as well. If we are able to find "it", life fills upp with joy, serenity and love. The sculptureis composed by four separated parts, each representing one half of a human face.


“Navigare necesse est ”

Do not be afraid and let the delicate paper boats, folded by our children dare to discover the oceans of the world, discover new seas, lands, new ways, vocabularies, and horizons, inevitabley someday, they will return with genuine and widespread sailsl. They will take us to the places we would never dare to reach.

Sculpture is dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of Restored Independence of Lithuania.



In Aztec Culture, Xiuhcoatl was considered as a powerful weapon, indeed, the weapon of Quetzalcoatl. It wa represented as "Fire Serpent". But the fire of the serpent was not destructive, it was latent fire inside of people. The use of this sacred fire was to destroy the Ego and the negative things inside their heart.

This one fell down before judging unfortunately.




Artist's choice



Time is the most powerful thing in the world. It is honest because no one is given more than 24 hours a day. It is immutable because no one changes the rhythm between minutes, seconds, and doles. It is forceful because no one can survive from death even the smartest one, the strongest one, and the most beautiful one eventually gives up along the time that goes gradually and endlessly.
But the humans use time in their own rhhthms - relatively different ways. How they use time develops who they are.


“Key Moment”

The moment in live, which remains Engraved into your brain to never disappear. It is that moment whichmay very well change your entire life - the key moment.



The mind is an amazing machinel.l When a man and a woman develop a relationship, they become connected at the deepest level, and their minds work as one even when they are apart.



“Catch & Release "

It's about the adventure not just the prize. Taking a journey down to the river in pursuit of catching a fish is less than the whole story. That journey is also a way to escape the routine of life and escape into a world of nature and excitement.
Catching and releasing, a way to ensure that the fish will be there the next time to strike the fly and create the next memory.

TEAM USA-Colorado


The avant garde playhouse.


“In the wild”

Four sides of straight and smooth plains to give strength.
Four heads of American wildlife in detail.

“Ribbon Dancer ”

Flowing ribbons guide a ballerina through the circle of life.

Unfortunatly this one fell before judging. This is the statue they made to show the design.

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