29th Budweiser International Snow Sculpting Championships

2020 Tentative schedule
Block building and Stomping Week: January TBA
Sculpting - 65 hours: January TBA
Snow Sculpture Viewing Week (weather permitting): January TBA

Please note that we have copied the description directly from the artists submission.


Night Pictures 2019

The Championships are held in and around the Riverwalk Center, located in the heart of Breckenridge on South Park Avenue between Washington Street and Adams Avenue.

Parking is best if you park in the outlying lots and take the free bus in to town. parking in town is now pay, you can put the app on your phone at the booths near each parking area - it is inexpensive!

Traffic is very congested in town and parking places are not often given up during this event...save yourself time and headache by parking in the event parking at the north end of town as you come into Breckenridge!

All of the buses around Summit County including Keystone, Frisco, Silverthorne, (that's where the Outlets are) Dillon and Copper Mountain ARE FREE


“Cenote Garden”

1st Place - Gold

In the depths of a natural cavern in the middle of the Mexican jungle of Yucatan, thousands of human remains were found from sacrifices made by the ancient Mayans in a ceremony called "jeets'lu'um" which means: to calm the earth, in the midst of songs and bonfires they launched live offerings from the cliff top inorder to calm the cenote keeper: a terrigying underwater creature, a mixture of eel, fish and feathered serpent that was believed to swallow the children that swam in its crystal clea waters. The snow sculpture of 3.5 meters high portrays the guardian of the cenote, in the shape of a fish in attack position, the tail feathers curled up high and the torso with irritated skin and undulating fins. In its nose protudes an elongated bone like a horn that ends in the shape of an egg, and inside which is the sacred talisman.
The huge mouth with forked tongue is crowned by large snake fangs made of crystalline ice that contrast with the rest of the white sculpture.


“Walls With Holes ”

2nd Place - Silver

Fateful decision.

Which is the right one?

Where does the path lead?


“Hippo Ballet Dancers

3rd Place - Bronze

A pair of ballet-dancing hippos in tutus.


“Eagle Woman”

This artwork draws inspiration from the state of Colorado itself. Eagle is and animal commonly seen in Colorado,a totem widely used in the indigenous culture, and furthermore a symbol of the United States.
The feminine sex is a representation of love, and the Greek style of the sculpture exhibits a source of the American culture. As a whole, the artwork creates an image of a giant eagle with widespread wings a young girl with flowers in her hand standing side by side. The sun, moon and stars surrounding themand the light radiating from them intend to express peace, love and the harmony between human and nature, which embody the common persuit of the United States and of all humanity.


"Super Hero"

As the world became more peaceful and the people became more and more stable, the super hero Spider-Man didn't have to save lives, so he became fatter and fatter. Recently, troublemakers have become restless, and in order to maintain world peace, Spider-Man has built a specially-designed sporting spider web to defend the planet at any time.


“Organic Geometry”

Artist's Choice

To live daily with constat aggressive strong architecture structures and subtle soft organic movements that mix and create these abstract forms of inclusion that have become recurrent in my work, very defined lines that evoke the drawing in a volume, expressing the moment and the time in which I am living. Even more with the GEOMETRIA MUSICAL. The delicacy of movements and sounds that are not experienced in everyday life make this project rich in direct coexistance with nature and the architecture that surrounds us. That seduces charged forms of lilnes, curves, volumes that lead to submerge in the internal search where music is recorded, movements that when coerced with nature and mixed with urban sounds, near where we have our routine, these geometric organic rhythmic volumes that one plasma with solid material that later become musical notes that flow in space and combine to have their own language, leave the evidence that there is no better experience to enjoy the sound, and the sculptural movements that interweave in between of cement trees. It is possible to say that these vibrations created by the subtley of rivers, oceans, mountains full of plant life give me an inexhaustible source of ideas. These fossil sounds that have been discovered in our spirit have given away to being visible throught the volume with the architectural characteristics of our time.



On this sculpture is undoubtedly represented the most extraordinary adventure and the most daring of all time; Send humans to explore the cosmos where it is absolutely impossible to live there, where the slightest mistake the slightest flaw is fatal. On this sculpture is represented thesymbol of space, weightlessness, planets, nebulae. On this sculpture is represented the only comforting thing; the friendship, the complicity, the fraternaty of the astronauts of all countries, the collaboration of the human, technical and technological intelligences of many "competing" countries this sculpture brins us back to our true dimension in the universe, that we are nothing in this immensity.


“Folded II”

It's all about Balance - Agrawal's work is attributed to the distinct principle of concrete are and geometry. Her temporary transitory architectural art installations are influenced by the concepts of concrete Art and minimalism wit focus on 'aesthetic essence' coming 'directly from the mind' - it's all about balance. The objects pla with statics, size and center of gravity. Agrawal's work subject is neither form nor figure: the sculpture shows something without similarities. The art of the sculpture lies in the geometric and graphical creation of order that creates form, surface and volume.


“Unity in Diversity”

India is known for its diversity, be it religion, culture, language, flora-fauna, geography, traditions and cusines etc. It's country of several religions; 6 major, out of which 4 world religions originated in India, and others that started elsewhere found fertile ground for growth here. These religions gave the path of enlightenment, inner strength andhumanity to the world. These not only coexistence for centuries but florish together in India. Thus, India is a perfect example of unity in diversity. Inspired by it, this design composed a monolitic form where the sun's six rays are faces of 6 major religions found in India and the gate represents the common path of enlightenment which all these religions lead to. This 'unity in diversity' makes India, which is represented by India Gate, an early 20-century architecture.



"Snow Orchid”

The delicate flower of an orchid.


“The Earth Tree ”

We liken the earth to one tree by making the roots of the tree. Human being is something like small bird which it perch on the branch of the tree, and sings. A tree has the life of span. We pray that a pure song echoes forever so that our existance will not shorten the life of the earth.



Since the first time the humanity discovered the cosmos, it hasn't been completely studied. In the future, people want to open and research whole supergalaxy. The humankind is dreaming of making discovery on science very much. All things at the supergalaxy are furtive.


“Pawn's Dream"

Pawn's dream is to become a king someday.


“Let it snow"

People's Choice

Here in the winter mountains of Breckenridge, Colorado, we invite old man winter to come into our town and bless us with a wonderful blanket of snow. Ullr, the Norwegian God of Snow, makes this town into a snowy paradise for all to enjoy. We wake each morning with anticipation of what the outdoors has in store for us. The skiing, sledding and outdoor fun is waiting right outside.


“La Fleur De Vie ”

By examing the positive and negative space inour lives we can have a greater understanding of the world we live.

“The Hidden Dance”

Survivial is an art form. Every being knows how to survive, but can they effectively do their dance of survival? This dance for survival often has no witnesses, but that doesn't diminish the consequences. In fact, the most critical battles are frequently the ones no one else sees.

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