13th International Snow Sculpting Championships


January 28 - Febraury 2 Ice Sculpting Contest
Competition in 2003 featured 14 teams from:
The Netherlands
· British Columbia
· Manitoba
· Ontario
· Quebec
· Tlalpan
· Mexico City
· Breckenridge, Colorado
· Colorado
· Minnesota
· New York
2003 1st Place - British Columbia
"Winter Comes"
2nd Place - USA Minnesota
"Whirled White Web" - Friday night
(Saturday the sun destroyed it during the judging)
3rd Place - USA Breckenridge, Colorado
"A Fishing Tail"
Honorable Mention - Manitoba
"Birth of a Nation"
People's Choice - USA Breckenridge, Colorado
"A Fishing Tail" - Friday night
Kid's Choice - USA Breckenridge, Colorado
"A Fishing Tail" - Day 3
Artist's Choice - Brititsh Columbia
"Winter Comes" - Day 3
Ontario Canada
"Who Spilt the Beans"
Quebec Canada
Harbin China
"The Love of Mother"
Colorado USA
Sondrio Italy
"Holocene Fossil Find #2"
Tlalpan Mexico
"Morfeo's Labyrinth"
Mexico City
"Capilla Posa"
Huigsloot Netherlands
"A Happy Family"
New York USA
"94 Hour Photo"
What happens when the sun is too strong.
Just after the judging on Saturday.
Ice form used make snow block.
Snow blowers & volunteer feet form it.
Ice block.
12 feet tall - 10 feet wide - weighs 20 tons
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