16th International Snow Sculpting Championships  2006
2006 Budweiser Select International Snow Sculpture Championship
USA - Breckenridge, Colorado
1st Place, People’s Choice, Kids’ Choice
Competition in 2006 featured 13 teams from:
Team Sculpture Awards
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Czech Republic "Elephant Place"  
Czech Republic - "Elephant Place"
Canada "Touchdown In Two" Honorable Mention
Canada - "Touchdown In Two"
France "Keystone"  
Germany "Coming Home" 3rd Place
Germany - "Coming Home"
Great Britain "Faraway" Artist’s Choice
Great Britain - "Faraway"
Mexico "Listening to the Snow"
Mexico - "Listening to the Snow"
Netherlands "Piling Reptiles"  
Netherlands - "Piling Reptiles"
Switzerland "Somersault" 2nd Place
Switzerland - "Somersault"
USA - Breckenridge "Discovery" 1st Place
People’s Choice
Kids’ Choice
USA - Breckenridge - "Discovery"
USA - Idaho "World Harmony"  
USA - Idaho - "World Harmony"
USA - New York "Natural Grace"  
USA - New York - "Natural Grace"
USA - New Hampshire "Velo-city"  
USA - New Hampshire - "Velo-city"
USA - Wyoming "Half Pipe Dream"  
Snowflake Championship Awards

Local schools competition

Snowflake Championship

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