17th International Snow Sculpting Championships

Team USA, Oregon: First Place, People’s Choice

“They Call Him Old Man Winter”

His face is worn. He leans relaxing on his fist. weary with the heaviness of life. Yet there is a subtle smile and softness in his eyes that speak of insight. There is a knowing that nothing lasts forever. All is transitory, and like this sculpture, come into being but for a brief time and then are gone.

Team USA, Minnesota: Second Place

“Cool Jazz”


 Music takes the listener and the composer into new realms. Our trebel clef takes a trip into the third dimension, just as a musician improvises on a theme, and returns, stronger and wiser, to the initial melodic shape after one circut.

Team Canada-Ontario: Third Place, Artists’ Choice

“Almost There”


If I can just get this tail finished… Just a little more tilt, oh maybe a little more. After all this time, my origami squirrel is almost there.

Team Switzerland: Honorable Mention

“Rock n’ Roll”


 Four totally different characteristics crash against each other and there-upon a huge and vehement but constructive discussion begins (Rock n’ Roll). Each one finds itself and it finally results in a peaceful solution out of the problem.

Team USA, New York: Kids’ Choice

“A Family Affair”

In the wild, baby elephants are nurtured by the whole family group. They are born with fewer survival instincts than most animals, and rely on their elders to teach them what they need to know. Caring for and shaping the next generation is an important aspect of our sculpture and of our families.

Team USA, Alaska:

“The Doryman”


Plying his trade, a trade that predates history, the Doryman works his weary way home. He rows through an ocean that holds the life and livelyhood of many a man, and the lost souls of countless more.

Team USA, Breckenridge

“Snowballs in a Block”

The first snow sculpture we ever made was a snowball, then we made several and stacked them up into a snowman. The official snow sculpture in Breckenridge always starts with a block. In this sculpture, the team will keep the parameters of the block, but will push the snow to its physical limits to show the transparency of snow, play with its ability to transmit light, and reveal the magic snowballs inside.
Team USA – Canon City, Colorado:

“Fields of Dreams”

The purity of a parent’s love for their child and their hopes, dreams, wishes and prayers; for their child to grow up, to live happily, to fill the world with their love and laughter and to do well in life. This piece is dedicated to all those who love their children more than anything else and who would do anything for them.
Team Czech Republic:

“Suffering of Africa”

Modern weapons and old social thinking make it possible to kill people en masse. That is why Africa needs schools more than food, which invariably ends up in the hands of the military and provides money for the purchase of new weapons. Schools are the messengers of peace and are full of information about the possibilities of a better life. 
Team USA, Idaho:

“Hoofin’ It”

Running joyfully at the end of the workday, our horses are expressing the free spirit that is the heart of the American West. 

Team Mexico

“Casa Del Sol”

The Sun is a symbol of fullness and the cosmic universal force… it is the full radiant house of enegry and of light that fills all the spaces. This is transformed into an evocation of poetics, is the force of the origin of life and work, and transmits through human sensibility, the beautiful aesthetics; to observe the forms, the movement and the forceful whiteness of the snow.
Team USA, Wisconsin (1)

“In the Absence”

 Throughout life we find ourselves in the absence of people, and blessings that bring us joy. Absence holds us back, and pushes us to achieve.
Team USA, Wisconsin (2)

“Need Sum Lovin’ 2”

Giraffes, in stature,
the Family
Abstract Bonds of Majestic nobility.
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